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Without doubt anyone who starts in trading should start by learning how to trade stocks before moving on to more leveraged derivatives such as options, Forex or futures and eminis.

The reason is simply this, if you can't trade stocks successfully you will make a poor options, Forex or futures trader. This is because these can have a very high leverage such as 10:1, 50:1 and in Forex as high as 200:1. If you have not mastered the skills necessary to trade stocks consistency there is a very high chance that you will lose all your money trading Option, Forex or Futures.

The only exception to this is options, if you select certain options strategies which are non-directional it is possible for the beginner to trade options before becoming an expert at trading stocks.

There are a number of excellent stock trading guides in the $27-$100 range and are a great place to start your stock trading education at very little risk, so why not check out a few of them and see what they have to say




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Stock Trading Books - Day Trading Books - Stock ebooks