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The chances are that 99.9% of traders who are interested in traders futures just want to day trade the emini markets and are not going to trade port bellies, grain and other commodities!.

One of the reasons why is because the emini (also referred to as e-mini and eminis) have lower trading costs and have a very high trading volume on a daily basis which is what day traders must have.

The most important thing to remember about trading futures is that your losses can be much greater than your initial investment. This is different to stocks or stock options, in these you can only lose what your initial investment was.

If you read about trading futures and some of the big players in the past you will find that often the reason why some big traders, hedge funds and even banks have gone bust is because they were trading futures and did not money manage their positions very well.

The same is true for the Forex market but Forex brokers seem to have been ahead of the game slightly in the sense that they have developed very fast account controls that will very quickly liquidate your positions once you break some preset margin levels.

If you are going to trade futures make sure that your broker is going to close your positions automatically for you should you start to incur losses beyond your margin account limits.




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Day Trading Futures - Day Trader Systems ebooks & Software